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Image Information

Information Box: Found at the left side of the image browsing applications and a number of controls and settings that will allow users to browse, play, preview, and download imagery from either the Natural Color or the Enhanced Color collections. Below is a brief guide to understanding those controls. Simply select one of the topics to find out more.

Image of the Slideshow Info Box Image of the Slideshow Info Box Image of the Slideshow Info Box Image of the Slideshow Info Box Image of the Slideshow Info Box Image of the Slideshow Info Box
  • Downloading Imagery

    At the top of the image information box is the filename for the image which is currently displaying in the main viewport. You can click on this to automatically download that image in full resolution (2048x2048px) Alternately, you can also click on the image in the main viewport to view the full-sized version of the image, which can also then be downloaded if desired.

  • Viewing Help Information

    The question mark icon represents further help information or clarification. Either hover or click on the icon to view more information about that item.

  • Switching Units of Measurement

    You can tap on the Switch Units logo at any time in order to toggle between units in kilometers versus units in miles.

  • Toggling between Image Collections

    When available, the "Toggle Date" link allows you to switch back and forth between the Enhanced Image collection and the Natural Color collection for a given date.

  • Video Controls

    Video control buttons are available to enable you to play and pause the video slideshow animation at any time.

  • Thumbnail Controls

    For non-mobile devices, there is a "Hide" icon available which allows you to show or hide the thumbnail listing of available slides on a given date.

  • Browsing by Date

    Clicking on the date will display a pop-up calendar from which you can browse and select alternate dates to display in the slideshow.

  • Global Visualization

    The black and silver animation of the earth depicts the precise global placement of continents in the image that is currently displaying. This allows users to be aware of the continental placement when cloud coverage otherwise obscures them from view.